newnorth.jpgNew North, Inc. is the regional marketing and economic development corporation fostering collaboration among private and public sector leaders throughout the 18 counties in Northeast Wisconsin.   New North’s mission is to grow, expand and attract business opportunities and world-class talent to the region, leading to regional prosperity.  New North is a key strategic partner with the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) and the State of Wisconsin, as well as local economic development partners and more than 100 private investors.

Our services include:

  • In-depth business intelligence, data and analysis
  • Site selection assistance and due diligence
  • Connection to the entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem
  • Global trade and foreign investment assistance
  • Building the digital economy pipeline for IT talent and K-12 pipeline
  • Advancing sector development through industry alliances
  • Connecting resources for business growth 
  • Convening and connecting Diversity & Inclusion regional assets

New North staff is ready to assist.

The New North

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Components, Parts and Hardware

Deep Technology Expertise-AI/Machine Learning/Deep Learning

Deep Technology Expertise-Augmented Reality& Virtual Reality

Deep Technology Expertise-Blockchain, Digital Currency, Smart Contracts, etc.

Deep Technology Expertise-Chatbots & Personal Assistance Systems

Deep Technology Expertise-Computer Vision, Image Recognition, Facial Recognition & Biometrics

Deep Technology Expertise-Data Infrastructure, Cloud, Edge, Etc.

Deep Technology Expertise-Expert Systems & Knowledge Representation

Deep Technology Expertise-Natural Language Capabilities

Deep Technology Expertise-New Digital Risks & Cybersecurity

Deep Technology Expertise-Robotic Process Automation, Back-office efficiencies

Deep Technology Expertise-Self-Sovereign Identity

Deep Technology Expertise-Sensors, IoT, IIoT, Connected Systems, etc.

Deep Technology Expertise-Wireless/5G, Data transmission, etc.

Digital Transformation-Basic Orientation & Educ. on Talent & Workforce Implications

Digital Transformation-Basic orientation & Executive Educ. on Tech Trends & Impact

Digital Transformation-Creating digital vision, connecting business & tech strategies

Digital Transformation-Educational Perspectives & Opportunities

Digital Transformation-Ethics, Policy & Privacy

Digital Transformation-Learning new formats of working & collaborating

Digital Transformation-Privacy, Identity, Data Governance

Digital Transformation-Recruiting and re-skilling current workforce for digital skills

Digital Transformation-Technology Commercialization

Engineering, Scientific and Technical Services

Financial Services (Banks, Accountants, Insurance)

Health Care Services (Wellness, Health care providers and suppliers)

Manufacturer / Service

Manufacturing: Machinery and Equipment

Manufacturing: Machining, Fabrication/Tooling

Professional and Business Services

Transformation of Agriculture-Drones, Autonomous Vehicles, Farm Management Systems, etc.

Transformation of Financial Services-FinTech, Digital Currencies, Payments, Fraud/Risk

Transformation of Gov.-Infrastructure, Technology Deployment, Policy/Regulation, Smart Cities, Digital Counties

Transformation of Healthcare-Diagnostics, Remote Care, Robotics, etc.

Transformation of Higher Education-New formats of learning, teaching, & administration

Transformation of Local Communities-Understanding Comm. Behavior, Creating Comm. Experiences, Driving Comm. Engagement, Analyzing Gaps

Transformation of Manufacturing-Connected Factory, Additive Mfg, Advanced Robotics

Transformation of Retail-Virtual Shopping, Store optimization, Customer experience, etc.

Transformation of Transportation-Autonomous Transportation, Supply Chain Innovation


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