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We are committed to total customer satisfaction, becoming involved in the earliest stages of concept development, assist in prototype development and offer custom tailored production services to ensure the success of your program, offering competitive sources for tooling, both domestic and offshore.

Our 98,600 square foot facilities offer state of the art temperature controlled quality assurance labs, equipped with quality control technology including coordinate measuring machine, optical comparator and a wide variety of precision metrology gauges and fixtures.  Our facilities hold a total of 40 presses with force capacity ranging from 55-1000 tons. 

Our secondary operations include various assembly solutions, hot plate welding, ultra-sonic welding, induction welding, cellular manufacturing and custom packaging. 

We have been ISO 9001 certified since 2003, with our most recent 9001:2015 certification being received in January 2018.  We utilize a quality management system and have implemented a fully developed production part approval process procedure including process flow control plan and capability studies.  Our quality department works diligently with our operators to ensure all quality checks and processes are carried out according to the control plan. 

Our specialties include injection molding, two shot over molding, assembly, design engineering, insert molding, induction welding, hot plate welding, ultrasonic welding, project management, FEA and mold maintenance.



Laura Popelier
Business Development Coordinator
(262) 728-3270


Alissa Burdick
Inside Sales Coordinator
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Started in:


  • Milwaukee 7

Core Competencies:

Production Services Offered:

  • High and low volume production offered.
  • Engineering grade resins.
  • Product assembly.
  • Two shot over molding.
  • Multi-color molding.
  • Ultrasonic welding.
  • Heat staking.
  • Inserting.
  • Mechanical assembly and testing laser marking.
  • Hydro-graphics.
  • Finished good packaging services.
  • Shipping services.

Secondary Operations Department:

We offer a variety of secondary operations including:

  • Hot plate welding.
  • Ultrasonic welding.
  • Induction welding.
  • Spin welding.
  • Heat staking.
  • Riveting.
  • Solvent bonding.

Tooling Services Offered:

  • Tool layout and procurement, both domestic and offshore. 
  • Tool modifications, repairs, maintenance cleaning all available on site in our climate copntrolled facilities. 
  • We develop tooling, fixtures, and gages to customize each project, offering a combination of internal and external tooling capabilities to provide the most cost effective tooling resources and options to our customers.

Engineering Services Offered:

  • Project Engineer, Tooling Design Engineer, Manufacturing Engineer, Design Engineer all on location.
  • Solid Works.
  • Prototyping:
  • 3D Printing.
  • Mold flow analysis.
  • Project timelines and updates.
  • Material selection assistance.

Quality Services Offered:

  • Capability inspection.
  • Visual inspection.
  • Revision procedures.
  • Document control procedures.
  • Production manuals.
  • AQL (Acceptance Quality Limits) testing.
  • FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis).
  • PPAP (Production Part Approval Process).
  • Color matching with spectrophotometer.



We get involved at the earliest stages of conceptual design development, assist in prototype development, and offer custom tailored production services to provide our customers a successful program.  We are able to reduce our customer's costs through intelligent tool design and efficient production runs..Our skilled personnel produce high quality dies for your project which result in shorter lead times and lower costs. Our commitment to manufacturing the highest quality product with efficiency and speed gives us our competitive edge from Concept to Completion.

Our experienced engineering staff specializes in mold design, tooling management, process improvement, in-house automation solutions and preventative maintenance.

We develop tooling, fixtures, and gages to customize each project. We offer a combination of internal and external tooling capabilities to provide the most cost effective tooling resources and options to our customers.

We offer competitive sources for tooling, both domestic and off-shore with on-site mold repair and maintenance in our facilities. Our talented Engineers are able to provide in house design expertise.

We integrate internal processes with external resources to develop the most cost-effective assemblies. Our design phase allows for process and product optimization. Through automation, we create and offer solutions to aid and enhance your manufacturing experience.

We own the following equipment to ensure your product is completed at the highest level of quality: Height Indicator, Optical Comparator, 3-D Blue Light Scanner, Spectrophotometer, CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine). 3D Part Printing capability, structured blue light scanning (3D); coordinate measuring system (PC-DMIS); Comparator(s); Mark-10 Force Tester (1,500 lb limit); MAX-4000 AZI moisture analyzer(s); various handheld equipment for dimensional, melt temperatures, dew point levels, torque test equipment and functional leak decay testing equipment.

Quality control is a key component in our manufacturing process.  We set rigorous quality control standards and sample testing for each mold to ensure the first article meets all specifications.

Supplier to the Defense Industry:
No, have never supplied to the defense industry, but would be interested in doing so

Number of Employees:

Import: Yes

Export: No


  • Automotive
  • Aviation and Aerospace
  • Defense Industry Supply Chain
  • Energy Systems
  • Food and Beverage
  • Forest Products-Packaging-Lumber
  • Foxconn
  • Lakeshore Manufacturing Cluster
  • Marine Manufacturing
  • Water Industry - Technology or Manufacturing
  • Wisconsin Wind Works


  • ISO 9001
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Six Sigma


  • Additive Manufacturing / 3D Printing
  • Architects and Design
  • Components, Parts and Hardware
  • Import-Export Services
  • Manufacturer / Service
  • Manufacturing: Machinery and Equipment
  • Manufacturing: Plastic Injection Molding and Extrusion
  • Other

Interested In Categories:

  • Distribution of Materials & Hardware - Wholesale

Manufacturing Tier

  • Tier two companies are the key suppliers to tier one suppliers, without supplying a product directly to OEM companies. However, a single company may be a tier one supplier to one company and a tier two supplier to another company, or may be a tier one supplier for one product and a tier two supplier for a different product line.

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