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In 1984, the founder of Reilly International was an ambitious 22- year old with an innate understanding of people, an uncanny business sense and a strong drive to turn her passion for helping others into her life’s work. In addition, Vickie Reilly possessed another rare quality for her age—a thorough understanding of US customs regulations.

At 21, Vickie became the youngest individual to have ever received a US Customs Broker’s License. Just one year later, with $1,500 and a dining room table for an office, Reilly International was born.

Soon, clients began inquiring about additional services, encouraging the company to, among other things, begin arranging the transportation of imports.

To satisfy the needs of her clients, Vickie traveled across the globe looking to establish worldwide partnerships with other high-quality companies fostering the expansion of new services.

Today, Reilly International's headquarters is located in a 42,000 sq. ft. facility complete with its own warehouse, and shows no signs of slowing down, as evidenced by the 2013 expansion into the Southeastern US with their Charlotte, NC office. While you probably won’t see Vickie riding around on a moped anymore, the company is still proud to operate around her same original vision—truly understanding the needs of each client, providing an unparalleled level of service and continuing to find innovate ways of making it easier for you.

To be viewed as a Trusted Partner by our clients

We support clients through innovative logistics services and personal dedication to ensure on-time delivery and complete satisfaction on every shipment.  



Integrity in all matters- Consistently doing the "right" things, in words and actions. Behaving in ways that continuously builds trust.

Desire to serve- Building enduring relationships through consistent identification and meeting of others needs. To serve with purpose, meaning, excellence and value.

Listening to understand- Understanding individual perspectives through the acting of clarifying questions and giving 100% attention to appreciate the big picture as well as critical details.



Joe Batterton
Business Development Specialist


Joe Mazur
Chicago Team Leader

Started in:


  • Milwaukee 7

Core Competencies:

At Reilly International, we uniquely combine industry leading resources, capabilities and expertise with flexibility, creativity and an unmatched commitment to serving our clients. We believe that relationships are the most important part of life and the level of personal attention we pledge to you reflects that belief. That’s why when you choose Reilly International, you choose a partner who works hand in hand to deliver what you need, when you need it.

With services ranging from international freight logistics to vendor consolidation, warehousing and customs clearance we have the ability to help you manage all phases of transportation, port-to-port or door-to-door.

Since Reilly International operates as both forwarder and NVOCC, we are able to offer our clients a wide variety of transit times at highly competitive rates. In addition, we also provide internet-based freight tracking, electronic pre-alerts, customized performance reports and consolidation/deconsolidation services at over 200 ports worldwide.

International Freight Logistics


Ocean or air, expedited or consolidated, you can count on Reilly International for the shipping solutions that best meet your needs.  We professionally oversee all phases of transportation, port-to-port and door-to-door.  Our experts are dedicated to knowing your business thoroughly and managing your shipments with utmost precision. 


Customs Clearance


Through more than 34 years of attracting the top customs talent in the industry, Reilly International has built a reputation as a leading customs resource.  Our expert staff of licensed customs brokers, cargo transport agents and international documentation specialists will help you maximize compliance and deliver the smoothest possible clearance.


Express Lanes Solutions


Reilly International’s “Express Lane” solutions rank among the quickest, most reliable shipping methods in the Midwest.  All shipments follow a pre-determined schedule, arriving directly to our customs-bonded warehouse via a consistent and established route.   Up-to-the-minute status tracking is available at your fingertips.  Your freight will be carefully unloaded and inspected at our facility, then dispatched to its final destination the same day it arrives.


Vendor Consolidation


Reilly International is geographically positioned to efficiently consolidate freight from anywhere in the US.  We learn the intricacies of your supply chain in order to develop, fine-tune and deliver the best and most cost-effective system for consolidating and transporting your cargo to its international destination.  We full visibility via our website and data delivered to your specifications, you’ll have the flexibility to meet your requirements to expedite or consolidate, eliminating multiple shipments and realizing significant savings.


Specialized Customs Solutions


Customs brokerage is how Reilly International got its start.  You might say it’s in our DNA.  In face, our company founder, Vickie Reilly, still holds the record as the youngest individual to have ever received a U.S. Customs Broker’s License.  Our team’s extensive experience has allowed us to assist clients not only with customs compliance and processing, but also with Focused Assessments, the implementation of Foreign Trade Sub-Zones and duty drawback.  Additionally, our fully-automated system enables convenient and dependable customs processing every time.




With our state-of-the-art, high-security facility centrally located in the USA’s largest shipping hub, Reilly International is uniquely positioned to provide you with top-notch warehousing and distribution services.  Not only is our customs-bonded warehouse situated just minutes from Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport, but it’s also just one day away from other major cities including Detroit, Memphis, St. Louis and St. Paul.  Plus, your freight will receive a level of care and attention that other facilities can’t match.


Onboard Every Step of the Way


International transportation is challenging; it involves a complex coordination of planes, trains, ships and trucks, and often requires multiple border crossings.  With so many variables, occasional changes or delays are inevitable.  At Reilly International, we understand how important it is for you to know the status of your shipments.   That’s why our tracking and alert system provides you with intended delivery dates for all shipments and real-time status updates from departure to arrival.  Our investment in information technology is just one of the tools we utilize to keep you informed so that you can successfully manage the flow of your products.  Our internet-based tracking system allows for full supply-chain visibility, including access to on-hand reports, transit reports and daily received.  If any issues arise that may affect your shipping schedule, our alert system will automatically notify you with an email.







CCBFA And NCBFAA Customs Broker’s Associations

•C-TPAT Customs-Trade Partnership against Terrorism 

•WBENC – Woman’s Business Enterprise National Council 

IAC (Indirect Carrier)

Estimated Annual Gross Sales:

Supplier to the Defense Industry:
No, never supplied to the defense industry

Number of Employees:

We are:
  • In a HUB Zone
  • Woman Owned

Import: Yes

Export: Yes


  • Automotive
  • Aviation and Aerospace
  • Food and Beverage
  • Forest Products-Packaging-Lumber
  • Foxconn
  • Lakeshore Manufacturing Cluster
  • Marine Manufacturing
  • Water Industry - Technology or Manufacturing
  • Wisconsin Wind Works


  • C-TPAT
  • FDA Registered
  • GSA Approved

Markets Interested in Serving

  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Agriculture Equipment
  • Aviation and Aerospace
  • Construction
  • Food and Beverage (FAB)
  • Medical Devise Manufacturing
  • Mining Equipment
  • Paper Converting
  • Renewable Energy: Wind Energy
  • Transportation Manufacturing


  • Education and Training
  • Import-Export Services
  • Professional and Business Services
  • Transportation, Logistics, Warehousing

Interested In Categories:

  • Additive Manufacturing / 3D Printing
  • Components, Parts and Hardware
  • Construction & Installation / Architects & Design (incl. construction materials)
  • Distribution of Materials & Hardware - Wholesale
  • Electrical: Wire, Wire Harnesses, Control Systems, Electrical Construction
  • Manufacturer / Service
  • Manufacturing: Automation Technology
  • Manufacturing: Chemical
  • Manufacturing: Food Products / Ingredients
  • Manufacturing: Machinery and Equipment
  • Manufacturing: Machining, Fabrication/Tooling
  • Manufacturing: Metals - Foundries and Forges, Steel
  • Manufacturing: Paper, Packaging, Netting, Printing
  • Manufacturing: Plastics and Composites, Extrusions
  • Manufacturing: Power Generating Equipment & HVAC
  • Manufacturing: Wood Products
  • Professional and Business Services
  • Transportation, Logistics, Warehousing
  • Utilities, Power Generation & Distribution

Manufacturing Tier

  • N/A: Not a Manufacturer

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