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Motion Industries provides quality products and services through a network of over 500 branch operations and 8 major Distribution Centers. Motion Industries objective is to meet or exceed our customers' needs in a timely manner by providing quality products and continuously improving our internal operations and the services we provide.]

Motion represents the most recognized and accepted brands in the industry. Combining those premium vendors with Motion's 3,500+ technically trained Sales Representatives, Field Product Specialists, $700+ in inventory, and system resources, Motion Industries brings the largest value-add proposition to the industry, helping customers identify and implement better processes, reduced plant inventories, system up-time improvements, planned strategies on part needs and criticality analysis, integrated system connections and efficiencies software, 24 hours service, advanced product application training, engineering assistance, product repair tracking, inventory / usage analysis, etc. Through close relationships and sharing of ideas and available resources, Motion can also help our customers realize potential benefits of its own internal programs such as system integrations to streamline the request for quote, order placement, receiving, 3-way match process, and payment. Our experience working with customers on a variety of platforms in these areas lets Motion bring insight, understanding, and recommendations as learned Best Practices.

Some of the markets we serve include: Equipment and Machinery, Food and Beverage, Pulp and Paper, Iron and Steel, Automotive, Fabricated Metal, Lumber and Wood, Chemical and Allied Products, Aggregate and Cement, Rubber and Plastic, Equipment Rental and Leasing, and Oil and Gas Extraction.



John Chappell
Branch Manager


Bob Fritz
Operation Manager

Started in:


  • Milwaukee 7

Core Competencies:
•Product Management•Product & Industry Support Specialists
•Hydraulic System Design Engineers
•Electrical/Automation Design Engineers
•Conveying System Design Engineers
•Product Selection & Sourcing
•Product Application & Troubleshooting
•Product Substitution & Interchange
•System Design & Quotation
•Engineering Services
•Power Transmission 
•Electrical & Automation
•Fluid Power
•Hose, Rubber, Gasket
•Process Pumps
•Industrial & Safety
•Provide Field Technical / Engineering Support in Product Application
•Customer Training Support
•Troubleshooting Difficult Application Problems
•Supplement Factory Engineering
•Product Specifications & Quotes
•375 Service Technicians
•Over 40 Company Owned Service Centers
•Hydraulic & Pneumatic Repair
•Power Unit Fabrication
•Gearbox Fabrication & Repair
•Process Pump Fabrication & Repair
•Hose, Gasket & Belt Fabrication
•Electrical Drive Systems & Repair
•Electrical Automation & Panel Build
•Product Modification Services
•Power Unit Fabrication
•Tube Bending
•Hydraulic Pump & Valve Repair
•Servo & Proportional Valve Repair
•Hydrostatic Transmissions
•Single Stage Cylinder Repair
•Multi-Stage Cylinder Repair
•Fluid Power Component Repair
•Field: Repair & Troubleshooting
•NFPA Cylinder Fabrication
•SMC Valve Build
•Pneumatic Tool Repair
•Hydraulic Tool Repair
•Radial Piston Motor Repair
•Eaton Hydrostat Build Center
•Authorized Eaton/Vickers Repair
•Authorized Staffa/Kawasaki Repair Center
•Radial Piston Motor Repair
•Hydraulic Hose Assemblies
•Teflon Hose Assemblies
•Metal Hose Assemblies
•Plastic Hose Assemblies
•Industrial Hose Assemblies
•Rubber Hose Assemblies
•PVD Hose Assemblies
•Cleaning & Tagging
•Tube Fittings & Adapters
•Swage & Crimp
•Band & Clamp
•Field Service
•Repair & Test
•Large I.D. Swaging Testing
•Expansion Joints
•Aeroquip Premier
•Industrial PC Boards
•Remanufactured PC Boards
•Repair Adjustable Frequency Drives
•Repair Chart Recorders
•Repair Controllers / PLCs
•Repair AC/DC Drives
•Repair Industrial Power Supplies
•Repair Motion Controls
•Repair Process Controls
•Repair Circuit Breakers
•Repair Servo Systems
•Repair Timers & Counters
•Electrical Field Service
•Electrical Panel Fabrication
•Electric Tool Repair
•Automation & Electrical Systems Design
•Electric Motor Repair
•Electric Motor Warranty Service
•Electric Motor Modifications
•Electromechanical Brake/Clutch Repair
•Electric Magnet Repair
•Specialty Coil Manufacture
•Failure Analysis
•Complete Part Refurbishment
•Centrifugal Pump Repair
•Gear Pump Repair
•Diaphragm Pump Repair
•Turbine Pump Repair
•Pump Fabrication
•Pump & Valve Repair
•Pump Assembly
•System Analysis / Design
•Custom Mobile Pumping Carts
•Impeller Trimming / Balancing
•Pump Packages with Base Plates
•Gearbox Repair
•Clean Room Gear Reducer Assembly
•Universal Drive Shafts Assembly/Repair
•Gear Reducer Repair
•Keyways & Set Screws
•Mill Drive Shaft Build
•Mechanical Variable Speed Drives
•Clutch & Brake Repair
•Blowers & Fans
•Hoist  Repair
•Linear Shafting & Rail Cutting
•Field: Shaft Alignment
•Field: Vibration Analysis
•Field: Gearbox Installation & Repair
•Conveyor Belting
•Tool Repair
•PIV Speedcon Gearbox Repair
•Dynamic Balancing
•Press Work
•General Machine Shop Service
•Heavy & Lightweight Conveyor Belt Splicing
•Custom Belt Fabrication
•Steel Cord Belting
•Punching for Elevator Buckets
•Pulley Lagging
•Chute/Cyclone/Pipe/Wear Lining
•Conveyor Design
•Mechanical lacing and endless splices
•Complete belting and conveyor system inspections




Please check out some of the following links to access catalogues, videos, and other information on our products and services.

Estimated Annual Gross Sales:
Over $100 Million

Supplier to the Defense Industry:
Yes, we are a secondary supplier

Number of Employees:
Over 2000

Import: Yes

Export: Yes

Export Countries: We can export to Israel, Germany, UK, The Netherlands and Spain. Freight terms are either EXW Birmingham, Alabama or we can quote freight to these countries Terms CPT.


  • Automotive
  • Aviation and Aerospace
  • Defense Industry Supply Chain
  • Energy Systems
  • Food and Beverage
  • Forest Products-Packaging-Lumber
  • Foxconn
  • Lakeshore Manufacturing Cluster
  • Marine Manufacturing
  • Water Industry - Technology or Manufacturing
  • Wisconsin Wind Works


  • ISO 9000
  • ISO 9001

Markets Interested in Serving

  • Agriculture Equipment
  • Aviation and Aerospace
  • Construction
  • Energy: Compressed Natural Gas
  • Energy: Oil and Gas
  • Food and Beverage (FAB)
  • Medical Devise Manufacturing
  • Mining Equipment
  • Paper Converting
  • Renewable Energy: Biofuels or Biogas
  • Renewable Energy: Wind Energy


  • Components, Parts and Hardware
  • Manufacturer / Service

Interested In Categories:

  • Additive Manufacturing / 3D Printing
  • Architects & Design
  • Architecture & Design
  • Components, Parts and Hardware
  • Concrete Products and Mfg
  • Construction & Installation / Architects & Design (incl. construction materials)
  • Distribution of Materials & Hardware - Wholesale
  • Education and Training
  • Electrical: Wire, Wire Harnesses, Control Systems, Electrical Construction
  • Engineering, Scientific and Technical Services
  • Health Care Services (Wellness, Health care providers and suppliers)
  • Logger, Timber Harvesting
  • MRO - Aviation Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul
  • Manufacturer / Service
  • Manufacturing Coatings: Paint, Plating, Powder Coating, Etc.
  • Manufacturing: Automation Technology
  • Manufacturing: Chemical
  • Manufacturing: Food Products / Ingredients
  • Manufacturing: Machinery and Equipment
  • Manufacturing: Machining, Fabrication/Tooling
  • Manufacturing: Metals - Foundries and Forges, Steel
  • Manufacturing: Paper, Packaging, Netting, Printing
  • Manufacturing: Plastics and Composites, Extrusions
  • Manufacturing: Power Generating Equipment & HVAC
  • Manufacturing: Wood Products
  • Transportation, Logistics, Warehousing
  • Utilities, Power Generation & Distribution

Seeking local sources for:

  • Electrical: Wire, Wire Harnesses, Control Systems, Electrical Construction
  • MRO - Aviation Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul
  • Manufacturer / Service

Manufacturing Tier

  • N/A: Not a Manufacturer




1. BASF - 2017 Supplier of the Year - Technical goods and services(1 of 9 out of 9000)

2. Vulcan Materials Co - 2017 Gold Alliance Supplier Award - Rated by product, service, support, ease of transactions, value, and overall performance

3. Sonoco - 2016 Inventory and Productivity Award

4. Nestle - 2016 SRM Supplier of the Year

5. Coca-Cola - 2016 Supplier of the Year (Motion Canada) - Excellence in support of business; dedication to the success of partnership and showing sound understanding of Coca-Cola; collaboration on further opportunities optimizing costs and innovation for 2017

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