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As a turnkey contractor, MSI is responsible for developing the specific design, engineering, material fabrication and installation methods for all plant signage, pipe, valve, instrumentation and equipment identification.  Changes in design are captured during the labeling process and are noted on the P&ID’s.

Plant labeling installed properly is intended to support a facility’s commissioning, start-up and operation by providing critical information to plant personnel in a standardized and consistent manner.  The benefits accruing from the services MSI provides are:

Hazard reduction and prevention of human errors:  A comprehensive and effective labeling program contributes to the effective functioning of process operations, and reduces the potential for downtime or injuries due to operations or maintenance errors.

Enhanced Training of plant personnel:  As a new plant comes on line or an aging workforce turns over due to retirements, training of new and replacement personnel is critical to the uninterrupted safe and efficient operation of process facilities.  A comprehensive and effective labeling program facilitates the training of new plant personnel by bringing critical information into the plant where it is needed for operating and safety procedure application, emergency response, and day to day plant maintenance.

Enhanced effectiveness for creation of in-plant procedures:  Creation of new safety and operational procedures is enhanced because the assets are identified and their location within the plant is verified through accurate drawings and physical identification.  Accurate and thorough labeling of critical plant components helps ensure that plant personnel properly execute standard operating and safety procedure by visual confirmation.

Uniformity of labeling nomenclature:  A standardized labeling program contributes to the flow of information and feedback among all affected departments including operations, maintenance, EH&S, administration, purchasing, and management.



Jason Harry
Sr. Business Development

Started in:


  • Milwaukee 7

Core Competencies:

Estimated Annual Gross Sales:
$26 - 50 Million

Supplier to the Defense Industry:
No, have never supplied to the defense industry, but would be interested in doing so

Number of Employees:

Import: No

Export: No

Export Countries:


  • Automotive
  • Aviation and Aerospace
  • Energy Systems
  • Food and Beverage
  • Foxconn
  • Water Industry - Technology or Manufacturing
  • Wisconsin Wind Works


  • ISO 9001

Markets Interested in Serving

  • Energy: Compressed Natural Gas
  • Energy: Oil and Gas
  • Food and Beverage (FAB)
  • Paper Converting
  • Renewable Energy: Biofuels or Biogas


  • Other
  • Manufacturer of Pipe Markers, Equipment and Valve Tags, Operations and Safety Signs

Seeking local sources for:

Manufacturing Tier

  • N/A: Not a Manufacturer



  • Other
  • Manufacturer of Pipe Markers, Equipment and Valve Tags, Operations and Safety Signs

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