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Lift Products Inc is a manufacturer of ergonomic industrial equipment with an emphasis towards lift tables, tilt tables, upenders and electric platform trucks. Our corporate offices are based in Waukesha, WI while our factory operates in Waupun, WI. We are a customer driven company consistently looking at new ways to reach out to and support our dealer network and OEM manufacturers. Our driving principle is "Innovation In Ergonomics" whereby we strive to make the workplace safer and more efficient by removing potentials for injury and bottlenecks in processes.

We differentiate ourselves in the marketplace not only by our level of expertise in the field, but also by the speed and efficiency to which we respond to our customers and their potential customization requirements. For quote requests on standard equipment, we'll respond within 1 business day. We draft approval drawings for custom equipment in a matter of days, not weeks. Many of our products are ready for shipment within 2 business days. If there's a change order, the systems we have in place are meant to work for us, not work against us and as such it's a simple matter of doing it.

We've come across numerous applications for industrial equipment over the years with many more approaches as to how to accomplish the required tasks. Not all solutions are equal and we're upfront about that. If we believe the proposed solution is unsafe in any respect, we won't build it. If we believe there's a better solution that we cannot build for some reason, we'll refer you to someone that can. Our commitment to our dealers and their customers supersedes all else, even in times where we lose potential business. We are not in the business of providing a piece of equipment, but peace of mind - knowing that the solutions we provide are safe, reliable and repeatable.

But most of all, what defines us is our notion of fairness. Nothing is 100% all of the time. There are bumps every now and then. The core of Lift Products is revealed in those moments as you'll find that, no matter the situation, we'll treat you fairly and honestly. If you hear someone say "It's our policy...", you won't be talking to us. While we do have standard procedures in place, we recognize that every piece of equipment and the applications they are intended to serve are unique and we approach each and every one of those applications in a personalized manner with a deeply held notion of fairness.



Sanford Silverberg
National Accounts Manager


Miro Jankovic
Sales Manager

Started in:


  • Milwaukee 7

Core Competencies:

Lifting, tilting, upending of any type of manufactured product in a production line, powered travel lift tables, lift tables on air casters; for transferring product on, off, and between conveyor systems,lifts with turntable tops, stacking operations, as transportation devices, tilters for draining IBC totes and drums; as ergonomic devices to prevent workforce injuries.  Material capabilities are carbon steel, galvanized, and stainless steel.  Power can be all voltages of electric, pneumatic, or manual pump.  Our line also includes scissor tables that are in stock, light duty mobile scissor carts, low profile lift with ramps, pit mount tables.  The tables we manufacture here in Wisconsin are approximately 90% American content, including utilization of American steel, motor, hoses, pumps, tanks, and control box.


We engineer and provided lifts for many major manufacturers in the U.S. inclduing Tier One suppliers of automotive, automotive directly, GE, SpaceX, Testla, etc., but also cater to small businesses who only will ever purchase one lift.  We can manufacture most any custom table required, provide drawings for orders in SolidWorks if required, have catalogs, and a group of salesmen that specialize in onsite project consulting/surveying and recommending the proper equipment for the application

Estimated Annual Gross Sales:
$11 - 25 Million

Supplier to the Defense Industry:
Yes, we are a secondary supplier

Number of Employees:

Import: Yes

Export: Yes

Export Countries: Mexico, Canada, India, Middle East


  • Automotive
  • Aviation and Aerospace
  • Defense Industry Supply Chain
  • Energy Systems
  • Food and Beverage
  • Forest Products-Packaging-Lumber
  • Foxconn
  • Lakeshore Manufacturing Cluster
  • Marine Manufacturing
  • Water Industry - Technology or Manufacturing


  • ANSI / NCSL Z540
  • GSA Approved

Markets Interested in Serving

  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Agriculture Equipment
  • Aviation and Aerospace
  • Energy: Oil and Gas
  • Food and Beverage (FAB)
  • Medical Devise Manufacturing
  • Mining Equipment
  • Paper Converting
  • Transportation Manufacturing


  • Manufacturing: Automation Technology
  • Manufacturing: Machinery and Equipment

Interested In Categories:

  • Components, Parts and Hardware
  • Distribution of Materials & Hardware - Wholesale
  • Engineering, Scientific and Technical Services

Manufacturing Tier

  • Tier two companies are the key suppliers to tier one suppliers, without supplying a product directly to OEM companies. However, a single company may be a tier one supplier to one company and a tier two supplier to another company, or may be a tier one supplier for one product and a tier two supplier for a different product line.




This custom mobile lift table was designed to have a sliding top. Ideal for requirements needing closer positioning of equipment. This unit allows the operator to position the lift table over obstacles like guard rail, sliding into a oven or getting closer to machinery.

Options include, Electric Interlock to prevent lowering while the top is extended and roller conveyor tops. Let us know if you need help with a project.  Call us for your specific requirement


When building a tall load on a pallet for shipping, it presents some interesting ergonomic issues.

Bending down or lifting boxes above your shoulders is not only an ergonomic issue but can cause injury. Loads can reach 100" or more with certain products. In some cases customers elect to dig a whole in the floor and lower the product below grade which is also challenging. One solution by Lift Products is our custom Upenders. Building the products on its side and then tipping or standing it up for shipment can be a solution. In this case the customer wanted to convey the pallet load off onto a conveyor line to accumulate a number of pallets. Incorporating a powered conveyor further improved the ergonomics by not requiring the operator to push or pull the load off, just push a control button and off it goes.

´╗┐Have a special requirement?

Let us know, we might be able to help you with your products. Call us 877-543-8776

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