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Since 2004, ERC’s talented team of professionals are the foremost team providing advanced ecological restoration and consulting services throughout Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, and the greater Midwest.  ERC serves leading energy, government, institutional, corporate, and private clients from throughout the region.  We help clients by conducting resource inventories and assessments, assisting with regulatory compliance, monitoring construction, and completing on the ground site stabilization, restoration, and land management. 

ERC staff are leaders in the natural resource management field.  Collectively they offer over 100,000 acres of land management and restoration experience.  In addition, ERC staff have over 1000 miles of transportation, electric transmission, pipeline, and water supply experience.  





Andrew Nelson
Eco-Resource Consulting

Started in:


  • Madison Region Economic Partnership Inc. (MADREP Tab)

Core Competencies:

Land/Resource Assessment and Inventory

Vegetation Sampling/Monitoring

Environmental Impact Studies

Comprehensive Management Plan Writing

Forestry Stewardship Planning

Threatened & Endangered Species Surveys

Wetland Permitting, Delineation and Mitigation

Water Quality Sampling for Lakes, Ponds, and Streams

Shoreline Restoration and Management

Fisheries Management

Wildlife Management Plan Writing

Wildlife Trail Installation/Mapping

Wildlife Monitoring

Native Prairie Custom Seed Mix Design, Site-Prep, Installation, and Maintenance

Custom Herbicide Application

Invasive Species Control/Eradication

Prescribed Fire Planning/Facilitation

Site stabilization / Erosion Control

Native Tree/Shrub Planting

Forest Management




SC Johnson Campus Native Habitat Restoration

SC Johnson contracted ERC to plan and execute the restoration of its green space areas at their Waxdale Facility in Sturtevant, Wisconsin.  The ongoing project commenced in 2008 and included the hydrological and vegetative restoration of 60 acres of undeveloped green-space.  Restoration activities included increasing the stormwater functionality of two wet detention basins and a drainage channel, enhancing wetland infiltration, invasive species management, converting engineered and dredged units into native vegetation, and implementing prescribed burn regimes on established warm season grass installations on-site.  ERC incorporated extensive project plan writing and budgeting into this project.  Mr. Frazer was also commissioned by SC Johnson’s sister company, Diversey, for a multiple year contract to plan and execute prescribed burns on native grassland units at their Sturtevant Corporate Headquarters.

Waste Management Corporation Wildlife Habitat Council Certification, Land Management

Waste Management Corporation contracted ERCas the lead ecological consultant to manage their 720-acre Orchard Ridge Recycling and Disposal Facility in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin.  In this capacity ERC facilitated the certification process for the Orchard Hills Site in a national corporate lands wildlife habitat project through the Wildlife Habitat Council (WHC).  As part of this process, ERC coordinated with several local non-profit groups to initiate multiple wildlife habitat enhancement projects on the Orchard Hills Site.  These projects include:  shoreline native aquatic plant installations, forested floodplain wetland management, stream restoration, upland prairie installation, native tree and shrub planting, native ephemeral woodland species management, prescribed fire planning and implementation, timber harvests, woody invasive species eradication and replacement (with sustainable native vegetation), and planning of youth based hands-on volunteer events at the Hidden Springs Wetland Complex on the Orchard Ridge Site.

Dane County – Badger Prairie Health Care Center – Regrading and Prairie Restoration

Beginning in the fall of 2016, ERC began the Badger Prairie Health Care Center – Regrading and Prairie Restoration project in Verona, Wisconsin for Dane County.  The project includes the soil regrading of swales/detention basins and open fields, site preparation, native seed and native vegetative mat (NVM) and two seasons of restoration maintenance on slightly greater than 18 acres of swales, detention basins, and native prairie.  The project includes installation of NVM and native seed on nearly all of the 18 acres.  Maintenance will be conducted on approximately the entire project area following completion of restoration installation.  ERC installed the erosion control material immediately following the grading.  However, due to the large amounts of rain the site received, areas of the project area had to be regraded and have the erosion control material reinstalled.  Even though there were weather challenges, ERC was able to complete the installation on time.  The final stages of the installation were completed by December of 2017.  There will be continued maintenance conducted throughout the 2018 growing season.

B. Bruce Krier Conservancy

Since 2009, ERC has managed the Conservancy. This work included comprehensive restoration design, permitting, and implementation of a 29-acre wetland restoration area within the 440-acre Conservancy. In addition approximately 200 acres of native prairie, invasive species control, and woodland restoration has been completed to date.  

Concordia University Bluff Management and Restoration

In 2012, ERC was commissioned by Concordia University in Mequon to assess erosional conditions, stormwater management, and vegetation on their 20-acre bluff restoration site along Lake Michigan.  ERC drafted an invasive species management plan and a vegetation management plan for the bluff site in 2014.  ERC was then commissioned to oversee Villani Landshapers to conduct a two-year project to re-establish native vegetation on several locations of the bluff.  Restoration work entailed overseeing up to three work crews implementing herbicide application, prescribed fire operation, woody and herbaceous invasive species management, hydro-seeding, erosion control product placement, and the installation of 18,000 native plants.  ERC is also responsible for ongoing monitoring of this project and is involved in planning additional phases of work.


Estimated Annual Gross Sales:
$0 - 10 Million

Supplier to the Defense Industry:
No, have never supplied to the defense industry, but would be interested in doing so

Number of Employees:
0 - 10

We are:
  • Federal Procurement/Acquisition Certified
  • Other

Import: No

Export: No

Export Countries:


  • Automotive
  • Aviation and Aerospace
  • Defense Industry Supply Chain
  • Energy Systems
  • Food and Beverage
  • Forest Products-Packaging-Lumber
  • Foxconn
  • Lakeshore Manufacturing Cluster
  • Marine Manufacturing
  • Water Industry - Technology or Manufacturing
  • Wisconsin Wind Works


  • None

Markets Interested in Serving

  • Agriculture Equipment
  • Aviation and Aerospace
  • Construction
  • Energy: Oil and Gas
  • Food and Beverage (FAB)
  • Paper Converting
  • Renewable Energy: Biofuels or Biogas
  • Renewable Energy: Wind Energy
  • Transportation Manufacturing
  • Water Technology or Manufacturing
  • Other
  • Natural resource management


  • Construction and Installation (incl. construction materials)
  • Engineering, Scientific and Technical Services
  • Logger, Timber Harvesting
  • Other
  • Professional and Business Services
  • Real Estate Developer/Project Management
  • Sustainability - Recycling services and materials
  • Utilities, Power Generation and Distribution
  • natural resources, water, wetlands, restoration, erosion control

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