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ABOUT THE DRG The DRG is a full-service, woman-owned (WBENC-certified) marketing research consulting firm, with over 40 years of experience in research design and execution. Founded in 1974, our family-owned company has grown to provide a complete suite of qualitative and quantitative methodologies. We strive to serve you as a consultative partner and to establish a long-term relationship with you and your team. By listening to you and customizing each study to your needs, our goal is to be the trusted partner you can count on for valuable intelligence about your customers, prospects, and market. We are passionate about quality marketing research, and we believe in continual learning and growth for our employees and our clients. At The DRG, we're focused on providing meaningful intelligence customized to your needs. We will consult with you to identify and recommend the ideal metrics and methodology to best achieve your research objectives. We also highlight the opportunities for you, helping you take action, make confident decisions, and grow your business. THE DRG ADVANTAGE Full-Service Capabilities Unlike most research firms today, The DRG boasts its own in-house Call Center, Mail Center and Focus Center. Our single location structure with all data collection operations in-house allows us the ability to provide the optimum full-service marketing research experience to our clients. OUR MISSION To empower our clients and each other to grow smarter through quality-driven intelligence, collaboration, and creativity. OUR VISION To amplify the consumer's voice, ensuring the products and services of tomorrow are better than today. LAUNCHING INSIGHTS While most organizations have some form of customer experience program in place, many admit that they fail to take action on customer insights. Many of The DRG's new clients share common frustrations that while prior feedback programs provided executive reporting and real-time data, they failed to provide meaningful and actionable business solutions. At The DRG, our research teams and senior consultants adopt solution-oriented mindsets and are driven to tell a story. This is what sets The DRG apart from the competition. We do not adopt a culture of churning out data in a standardized deliverable. We believe our role is to help our clients turn marketing research intelligence into growth opportunities for their business. In partnership with our clients, we aim to serve as an extension of their internal team by taking ownership of the success of each research initiative. That means providing our clients with a sound foundation for making critical business decisions that move brands forward and foster continued growth. Our partnership style is collaborative, proactive, responsive, and flexible. We believe in the importance of close collaboration to ensure that the research design is uniquely suited to address the business' needs. Each DRG team member takes personal responsibility to critically think through all project details and share ideas for improvements. Our goal is to make every project turnkey for our clients, from ensuring that questionnaire design thoroughly covers all study objectives, to assessing the weighting implications of the sampling plan, to creating meaningful reports and compelling graphics that communicate results in a clear, concise manner. Proactive communication is essential for keeping the entire team informed and ensuring that all aspects of the project continue to move forward efficiently and according to plan. We have over 40 years of customer satisfaction experience. Our team constantly monitors trends in the marketing research industry. We partner with clients in a wide range of verticals (e.g., healthcare, insurance, finance/banking and the public sector), giving us the ability to glean insights from other industries. Additionally, we develop content such as eBooks and research briefs so that we can share our perspective on best practices and emerging trends. When partnering with The DRG, you will benefit from the knowledge, consulting acumen, and expertise of working with a large marketing research firm along with the flexibility, adaptability and solution-oriented mindset of working with a smaller consultancy. As always, our customer feedback programs are tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients.



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OUR APPROACH TO QUANTITATIVE RESEARCH Quantitative research involves interviewing a larger number of respondents and developing a sampling plan to ensure results can be projected to the population. While there can be some custom questions for different segments, it's important for the survey instrument to be consistent so responses can be accurately analyzed and compared. While the survey can include a few open-ended questions, the primary focus is measuring and quantifying respondents' behaviors, attitudes and perceptions. There are many advantages to conducting quantitative research, including: - Results that are statistically reliable - Results that are projectable to the population - An objective view of data that eliminates bias - Studies that can be replicated and trended to monitor changes over time - The ability to compare attitudes and perceptions of different segments or groups and evaluate metrics such as satisfaction or awareness The DRG works with each client to refine their quantitative survey measures and ensure that the surveys contain metrics that are as fitting and relevant as possible. THE DRG'S WEB CAPABILITIES Web surveys are our most frequently-used methodology. The DRG is adept at not only working with client samples and panel partners to administer surveys, but also programming questionnaires in such a way that taking the survey is an engaging experience for the respondent. This includes a proper survey recruit, introduction, flow of questions, and the use of logos, colors and graphics to communicate key concepts and elicit actionable feedback from respondents. The DRG does not work with survey software packages that are limited in features and functionality. Our Application Development team programs and hosts all of our dynamic and interactive online surveys in-house. Hosting web surveys in-house provides The DRG's clients with the added assurance that their protected data remains within our secure facility and is not outsourced and/or stored on another server. Conducting and managing data from one single facility allows us to uphold exceptional security standards, which is a tremendous competitive advantage unmatched by most other research providers. All of The DRG's online surveys are programmed to ensure they can easily be completed on a range of devices including smartphones, tablets and personal computers. The continual rise of mobile device adoption makes it imperative that our surveys are programmed to be easily completed on any device, by including responsive design (layout automatically adapts to the layout of the screen/device the respondent is using). Additionally, our surveys are programmed and tested to be compatible with a variety of browsers including Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, etc. The DRG prides itself on continually enhancing the features and functionality of our customized online survey tools. THE DRG'S PHONE CAPABILITIES The DRG provides all telephone data collection services from The DRG Call Center. The Call Center consists of close to 50 national telephone lines and is equipped with today's latest computer assisted telephone interviewing (CATI) technology. The DRG provides questionnaire programming and sample downloading into the CATI system. The use of CATI interviewing assures accurate skip patterns, question rotations, sample and quota management, reliable recording of responses and real-time results. Over 40 professional telephone interviewers staff The DRG Call Center. Our Research Operations Manager and Call Center Manager have a combined total of over 30 years of industry experience. We have two Call Center Supervisors, each with over 12 years of experience. All interviewers are hired on a permanent basis (not project-by-project). THE DRG'S MAIL CENTER CAPABILITIES The DRG has extensive experience in performing mail studies, with all printing, mailing, and data entry services completed internally. Located at our Brookfield, WI headquarters, The DRG Mail Center provides: - Internal survey design and layout - Printing (color and black & white) - Mail-out preparation - Address updates prior to mailing to verify addresses are up-to-date (NCOA) - Processing of incoming surveys - Data entry We mail out approximately 500,000 items each year (primarily questionnaires and postcards), and the majority of our clients' mail studies are customer-focused. Mail studies range in size from one-time projects with a couple hundred surveys to ongoing studies that involving mailing out 140,000+ annual surveys packets. The DRG's Mail Center personnel average 15+ years with the company. QUALITATIVE RESEARCH Qualitative research involves an open-ended discussion between the researcher and participant(s). Qualitative studies help to uncover brand perceptions by exploring attitudes, personal experiences, and opinions with in-depth detail. There are many advantages to conducting qualitative research, including: - Allowing the moderator to interact with respondents and, in group settings, allows the respondents to interact with each other (great for brainstorming ideas) - Helping uncover reasons
OUR HISTORY - TURNING INTELLIGENCE INTO OPPORTUNITY FOR OVER 40 YEARS The DRG was founded in 1974 by Bob Dieringer, Sr. Originally named R. Dieringer Research Associates, the company became incorporated in 1980, and a call center was established at The DRG's Milwaukee headquarters. In 1982, a focus group suite consisting of a discussion room and observation room was added to make R. Dieringer Research Associates, Inc. a true, full-service marketing research company. The firm was renamed The Dieringer Research Group, Inc. in 1991. This remains the official name, although it is often abbreviated to The DRG. In 2004, management of The DRG transitioned, with the promotion of Lanie Johnson (Dieringer) to President and Chief Operating Officer. The DRG moved to its current headquarters in Brookfield, Wisconsin in 2007, doubling its square footage from the company's previous location in Milwaukee. In 2010, the DRG began moving forward with plans to design and build a focus group facility at its Brookfield location, which opened the following year. Recently, The DRG acquired Probe Research Services, another Wisconsin-based marketing research firm. The acquisition broadened The DRG's client base in healthcare and finance, among other industries. Today, The DRG is a full-service, woman-owned (certified by WBENC) marketing research consulting firm, with over 40 years of experience in research design and execution. THOUGHT LEADERSHIP The DRG has published a number of eBooks and blogs on industry topics and trends including customer experience, brand health, employee engagement, and other marketing research areas that may be of interest to FoxConn. Please visit our blog and download our eBooks to learn more. DRG Blog: - DRG eBooks: - - - INDUSTRIES SERVED The DRG has worked with a wide range of industries over the years, including: - Manufacturing and Technology - Agencies - Associations, Non-Profit, and Government - Finance and Insurance - Healthcare and Health Insurance - CPG and Retail - Utilities/Energy Industry-specific case studies and references are available upon request. CLIENT TESTIMONIALS "The DRG has been and will continue to be my preferred service for my data collection and research needs. Their high quality work and reliable customer service has always been a contributing factor to my projects' success." -Manufacturing Client "Every employee at The DRG takes a vested interest in their customer. They truly want to capture the Voice of the Customer in the research and understand the best methodology to do so." -Consumer Packaged Goods Client "Working with The DRG was an absolute pleasure. The staff was professional, responsive and very knowledgeable about my industry. When we encountered timing challenges, they provided excellent suggestions to tweak our survey without losing the results I was hoping to get. Their final analysis was also incredibly thorough and easy to understand. I would absolutely recommend The DRG to anyone looking for research services." - Financial Services client "The DRG has been a valuable and reliable partner for several years. They are always willing to help me meet tight timelines and challenging recruiting requirements." - Advertising Agency Client
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