ConceptWorks, Inc.

W3126 State Hwy 32
Elkhart Lake, WI 53020


About ConceptWorks

ConceptWorks’ years of success is attributed to our ability to be "challenger partners." What we mean by this is that we are able to challenge the norms of our industry.

This ensures that the end customers (beyond who we are selling our craftsmanship) are the ones that we cater our designs, resulting in higher ROI and experiences for our direct customers. We always fabricate with the end in mind.

Who We Are

ConceptWorks was founded in 1984, then called Sheboygan County Woodworking, which started off as a cabinet shop.

Since then, we have grown exponentially and diversified our customer base with a variety of household brands.

We are a true testament to the phrase “success breeds success” because of the trust that each of our partners have in our craftsmanship to provide displays and architectural millwork for their highest-profile designs.

Our Mission

To exceed our customers' expectations in quality, timing, and workmanship--through innovative thinking and a relentless desire to be the best at what we do all day, every day.

Our values: Hard work, commitment, determination, accountability, integrity, and attention to detail.



Joey Nelson
Vice President - Sales / Business Development
920-565-3099, x 111


Adam Schneider
920-565-3099, x 102

Started in:


  • Lakeshore Industry Cluster Initiative (LICI)
  • The New North

Core Competencies:

ConceptWorks is a woodworking manufacturer whose core competencies include:  Product Design, Engineering, Prototyping, Assembly, Finishing, Custom Crating, Shipping and Installation.

ConceptWorks focuses on custom displays and architectural millwork.



'We are very pleased, along with Kohler, in both the quality and the service that you provided.  I will certainly keep you in mind for future projects at Kohler along with other projects in the area.  Thanks!"  - Jordan Albrecht, Project Manager - CG SCHMIDT INC.


Our skilled and diversified artisans are well versed in utilizing countless materials, allowing us to be the true turnkey manufacturer that we are today.

This portfolio is a representation of how our team melds various materials for every beautiful element that is showcased.

There is a diligent attention to detail, delicate craftsmanship, and pride in everything we do at ConceptWorks.  We owe the cussess to our company's culture, which always puts the customer first - leaving us with a variety of loyal clients.



Hameister Reception Desk Millwork     VA Eastern Colorado Health Care System Reception Desks   VA Eastern Colorado Health Care System Curved Bench Seating

     Vollrath Co. Illuminated History Wall   Xfinity Traveling Event Merchandising Kiosk

Supplier to the Defense Industry:
No, never supplied to the defense industry

Number of Employees:

Import: No

Export: No


  • Foxconn


  • Other: LEED Certified

Markets Interested in Serving

  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Other


  • Manufacturing: Wood Products

Manufacturing Tier

  • N/A: Not a Manufacturer

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