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We know there's alot of hype, confusion and acronymns around Big Data and Artificial Intelligence in general. . . .and it's overwhemling! 

What does it all mean and where do you start?

To help you with that, we take a partnership approach with all of our clients, not just a "transactional supplier" approach. 

What that means for you is:

1. at no cost to you, we'll take the time to understand your business, your requirements, your challenges and your goals 

2. we'll work with you to match that up with relevant and useful technologies that actually achieve what you need AND which can be measured with evidenced-based outcomes

3. before you spend one dollar, we'll demonstrate the ROI.  We'll answer the "so what" and "what's in it for me" questions.

4. we'll support you through every step of the engagement

Lastly, we are vendor agnostic.  We are not a reseller of any vendor and we receive no commission from any vendor.  What that means for you is that you'll get best practice for best fit with no hidden agendas and no unnecessary technologies that you actually don't even need!




Joe Bashta
202 306 6284

Started in:


  • The New North

Core Competencies:

Predictive Analytics

Prescriptive Analytics

IoT and IIoT

Edge Analytics

Real-time data ingestion and AI outcomes


Machine Learning

Neural Neworks

Deep Learning


Data Lakes

A.I. coding languges (numerous)

Design and integrate Big Data technologies (Hadoop, Cassandra, MongoDb, Spark, Apache, MapD, Map Reduce, Docker, Cloud, Virtualisaiton, numerous other technologies)

 * * * We are vendor agnostic.  We are not a reseller of any vendor and we receive no commission from any vendor.  That menas you'll get best practice for best fit with no hidden agendas * * * *


Each of these industry examples have the following features:

  1. Data integratoin of all data sources and data types
  2. real-time data ingestion
  3. real-time predictions
  4. real-time reporting customised for each User and/or Department
  5. one visual dashboard with an end-to-end view of all data sources and outcomes
  6. Cloud-based hosting in your secured environment or your preferred IT vendor

Supply Chain Logistics (Manufacturing) - Prediciting workplace injury, predicting machine failure and all upstream & downstream impacts, optimisiation, numerous other solutions

Healthcare - predict an outcome ===> reduce the risk of litigation ===> reduce the cost of insurance

1. Opioid Crisis - predicting which County will be impacted, how many deaths will occur and understanding the factors that make one County more susceptible than others

2. Hospitals - predicting patient injury, patient death, patient re-admission, ambulance arrival 

3. Assisted Living - integrating Sensors, Wearable technology and other data sources to provide a seamless view on one dashboard

Banking -  data integration, real-time data ingestion, single dashboard view, simplified reporting, customer profiling, customer segmentation and next action recommondation, anomaly and fraud detection and prediction, numerous others

State Infrastructure Utilities - predict faults and outages, consumption forecasting, usage anomaly detection, predicting phase voltage, trend analysis and forecasting for repair spare parts, intelligent job scheduling for services/faults/repairs

Transportation - real-time flat tire prediciton, prescriptive maintenance, intelligent real-time delivery scheduling and route analysis,


1Network Uptime predictions and prescriptive maintenance

2. Network architecture optimization

3. Service Level Assurance

4. Machine Learning based Traffic Profiling

5. Reconstruction of Communication

6. Fault Prediction and Associations




Supplier to the Defense Industry:
No, have never supplied to the defense industry, but would be interested in doing so

Number of Employees:

We are:
  • Minority Owned

Import: No

Export: Yes

Export Countries: Canada, Australia, Argentina, Chile, Indnoesia, India, UK


  • Automotive
  • Aviation and Aerospace
  • Defense Industry Supply Chain
  • Energy Systems
  • Food and Beverage
  • Forest Products-Packaging-Lumber
  • Foxconn
  • Lakeshore Manufacturing Cluster
  • Marine Manufacturing
  • Water Industry - Technology or Manufacturing
  • Wisconsin Wind Works


  • None

Markets Interested in Serving

  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Agriculture Equipment
  • Aviation and Aerospace
  • Chemical Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Energy: Compressed Natural Gas
  • Energy: Oil and Gas
  • Food and Beverage (FAB)
  • Medical Devise Manufacturing
  • Mining Equipment
  • Paper Converting
  • Renewable Energy: Biofuels or Biogas
  • Renewable Energy: Wind Energy
  • Transportation Manufacturing
  • Water Technology or Manufacturing
  • Other
  • Healthcare


  • Engineering, Scientific and Technical Services
  • IT: Networking, Programming, Coding, Digital Design
  • Research and Development / Prototyping
  • Transportation, Logistics, Warehousing
  • Utilities, Power Generation and Distribution

Interested In Categories:

  • Employment Agencies / HR Services
  • Engineering, Scientific and Technical Services

Seeking local sources for:

  • IT: Networking, Programming, Coding, Digital Design
  • Professional and Business Services

Manufacturing Tier

  • Tier One: Tier one companies are direct suppliers to OEMs. The term is especially common in the automobile industry and refers to major suppliers of parts to OEMs.

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