Absolute Supply, LLC

1560 Bohm Dr.
Little Chute, WI 54140


Absolute Supply is a tier 1 supplier of raw materials and abrasive waterjet cut parts. We cut & deliver the parts you want, when you want them. With a fast acting office and a fast, flexible shop we have what it takes to get your project done on even the most demanding timelines. Our responsive office is very proud to offer some of the fastest, most accurate quotes in the industry. Our inside sales team is ready and eager to quote your project whether it's a single piece of aluminum, 10,000 pieces of thick stainless steel, or any other of thousands of materials.



Office Staff
Office Staff

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  • The New North

Core Competencies:
Abrasive Waterjet Cutting & Materials Supply, Custom Manufacturing Job Shop Waterjets are well suited for a vast array of materials and there are very few things that can't be cut with them. Keeping a huge selection of material inventory along with a diverse, well-maintained group of vendors allows us to keep costs down and service high. Our in-house material inventory consists of a wide variety of materials in different thicknesses including stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel, plastics, rubbers, composites, and alloy & specialty steels. We have yet to reach any thickness limits for what we can cut, so whether you're looking to cut some thin-gauge stainless or 8" aluminum, ask and you'll get our absolute best supply.
Supplier to the Defense Industry:
Yes, we are a primary supplier

Number of Employees:

Import: No

Export: No


  • Automotive
  • Aviation and Aerospace
  • Defense Industry Supply Chain
  • Energy Systems
  • Food and Beverage
  • Forest Products-Packaging-Lumber
  • Foxconn
  • Lakeshore Manufacturing Cluster
  • Marine Manufacturing
  • Water Industry - Technology or Manufacturing
  • Wisconsin Wind Works


  • None


  • Manufacturing: Machining, Fabrication/Tooling
  • Manufacturing: Metals - Foundries and Forges, Steel
  • Other
  • Research and Development / Prototyping
  • Waterjet Cutting

Manufacturing Tier

  • Tier two companies are the key suppliers to tier one suppliers, without supplying a product directly to OEM companies. However, a single company may be a tier one supplier to one company and a tier two supplier to another company, or may be a tier one supplier for one product and a tier two supplier for a different product line.

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