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The purpose of this directory is to help organizations who are learning about disruptive technologies, or preparing their organization for change to connect with capable providers, especially those located in Wisconsin. 

This Marketplace was created by Advancing AI Wisconsin, a Not for Profit organization with the goal to increase awareness of and preparedness for the various impacts of digital transformation technologies, with the assistance of New North.  Learn more - Introduction to Advancing AI Wisconsin.

If you are a solutions provider and have a presence in Wisconsin, please fill out your profile or edit your existing profile for inclusion in this directory by Clicking Here.  You can link your profile back to your organization's website for more detailed information. 

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If you are looking for expertise, you can use the search function or browse the various categories. Within each category of expertise, a number of companies will appear. This list is not qualified or certified. Any company can indicate expertise, so it will still fall to you to review the profiles and find the provider that suits your needs. We hope that the Marketplace can provide you with options you might not have found otherwise.  

Digital Transformation Marketplace

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Deep Technology Expertise-Blockchain, Digital Currency, Smart Contracts, etc.

Deep Technology Expertise-Expert Systems & Knowledge Representation

Deep Technology Expertise-Natural Language Capabilities

Deep Technology Expertise-Self-Sovereign Identity

Transformation of Agriculture-Drones, Autonomous Vehicles, Farm Management Systems, etc.

Transformation of Financial Services-FinTech, Digital Currencies, Payments, Fraud/Risk

Transformation of Gov.-Infrastructure, Technology Deployment, Policy/Regulation, Smart Cities, Digital Counties

Transformation of Higher Education-New formats of learning, teaching, & administration

Transformation of Local Communities-Understanding Comm. Behavior, Creating Comm. Experiences, Driving Comm. Engagement, Analyzing Gaps

Transformation of Retail-Virtual Shopping, Store optimization, Customer experience, etc.

Transformation of Transportation-Autonomous Transportation, Supply Chain Innovation


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