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Construction and Installation (incl. construction materials)

Deep Technology Expertise-AI/Machine Learning/Deep Learning

Deep Technology Expertise-Augmented Reality& Virtual Reality

Deep Technology Expertise-Blockchain, Digital Currency, Smart Contracts, etc.

Deep Technology Expertise-Chatbots & Personal Assistance Systems

Deep Technology Expertise-Computer Vision, Image Recognition, Facial Recognition & Biometrics

Deep Technology Expertise-Expert Systems & Knowledge Representation

Deep Technology Expertise-Natural Language Capabilities

Deep Technology Expertise-New Digital Risks & Cybersecurity

Deep Technology Expertise-Robotic Process Automation, Back-office efficiencies

Deep Technology Expertise-Self-Sovereign Identity

Deep Technology Expertise-Wireless/5G, Data transmission, etc.

Digital Transformation-Basic Orientation & Educ. on Talent & Workforce Implications

Digital Transformation-Basic orientation & Executive Educ. on Tech Trends & Impact

Digital Transformation-Creating digital vision, connecting business & tech strategies

Digital Transformation-Educational Perspectives & Opportunities

Digital Transformation-Ethics, Policy & Privacy

Digital Transformation-Learning new formats of working & collaborating

Digital Transformation-Recruiting and re-skilling current workforce for digital skills

Digital Transformation-Technology Commercialization

Digital Transformation-Use case development, Proof of Concept, Prototyping

Education and Training

Engineering, Scientific and Technical Services

IT: Networking, Programming, Coding, Digital Design

Manufacturer / Service

Manufacturing: Composites

Professional and Business Services

Transformation of Agriculture-Drones, Autonomous Vehicles, Farm Management Systems, etc.

Transformation of Financial Services-FinTech, Digital Currencies, Payments, Fraud/Risk

Transformation of Gov.-Infrastructure, Technology Deployment, Policy/Regulation, Smart Cities, Digital Counties

Transformation of Healthcare-Diagnostics, Remote Care, Robotics, etc.

Transformation of Higher Education-New formats of learning, teaching, & administration

Transformation of Local Communities-Understanding Comm. Behavior, Creating Comm. Experiences, Driving Comm. Engagement, Analyzing Gaps

Transformation of Manufacturing-Connected Factory, Additive Mfg, Advanced Robotics

Transformation of Retail-Virtual Shopping, Store optimization, Customer experience, etc.

Transformation of Transportation-Autonomous Transportation, Supply Chain Innovation


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