4/24/19 VerHalen Commercial Interiors Delivers a Renewed Focus on Contract Furniture

Posted by: VerHalen Commercial Interiors
Location: Northeast Wisconsin

VerHalen Commercial Interiors offers a comprehensive suite of contract furniture and construction solutions, while delivering a holistic approach to simple or complex interior design challenges.

Unlike traditional furniture dealerships or contractors, VerHalen is uniquely positioned to create people-focused environments for virtually any type of organization, industry or market. VerHalen is committed to ensuring the seamless integration of furniture, architecture and technology, while preserving the continuity of brand and culture for its clients. Smart, well designed and approachable contract furniture is essential to this objective.

With this understanding, VerHalen has recently hired Shawn Green as the General Manager for the furniture division. Shawn has nearly 30 years of industry experience in design, product marketing and sales leadership. Additionally, VerHalen has expanded their product offering with a wider range of quality furniture brands and options.

“We realize the market continually evolves, therefore we need to be responsive. More importantly we must work to anticipate the needs of our clients with smart solutions.”, shared Shawn Green.  

Whether you need a single office or a entire environment, the VerHalen Commercial Interiors team is there to ensure your success!

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