10/4/18 MTM invests in a bright future

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NEW PRESS CAPACITY – 2nd of 3 Presses Has Arrived (SERVO TECHNOLOGY)

Oct 4, 2018 | Manitowoc Tool & Manufacturing News

The 2nd of our three recently purchased stamping presses arrived earlier this week and is being set into place to begin production. With this addition of the 330-ton SEYI SERVO stamping press, we are adding SERVO technology which will launch Manitowoc Tool and Manufacturing, LLC into the next generation of metal forming technology.

Benefits to Servo Stamping technology include:

  • Reducing additional operations: Better ram control leads to more in-die operation possibilities.
  • Consolidating tooling stations: Controlling spring-back in a single station as opposed to traditionally requiring multiple stations during forming.
  • Increase efficiency: Precisely controlled ram speed means wasteful ram movement can be identified and reduced.
  • Less down time: A more user-friendly set-up sequence and less Preventative Maintenance contribute to improved OEE score.

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