6/4/19 Delzer's New Bindery Lineup

Posted by: Delzer
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Our Bindery Department (or “Finishing” Department, as some know it) got a major overhaul with new equipment to replace and add to our lineup of machinery. These new toys will improve both the speed at which we operate and the quality of our output, while reducing the physical demands of our machine operators. It’s the gift that keeps on giving, really.

Delzer’s New Bindery Lineup:

  • The Stitcher: Standard Horizon StitchLine Mark III
  • The Folder: Standard Horizon Large-format Folder
  • The Collator: Standard Horizon Collator
  • The Perfect Binder: Standard Horizon Perfect Binder
  • The Trimmer: Standard Horizon Three-knife Trimmer
  • The Rotary Die Cutter: Standard Horizon Die Cutter

The Stitcher: Standard Horizon StitchLine Mark IIIimage

This stitcher takes 4-page flats, scores them, folds them, and turns them into collated and saddle stitched pieces using a sophisticated automated setup.

What we love most about this machine is its make-ready time. From the last piece off to the next piece on, this improvement in overall turnaround time allows us to produce stitched booklets in their final form at a faster rate than before. Short runs, long runs – this machine can do it all at any quantity.

The Folder: Standard Horizon Large-format Folder

Gone are the days of our Delzer bindery team sweating to manually feed a folder – this machine applies several thousand pounds of pressure (yep, more than your in-laws) in its pile feeder to keep sheets feeding perfectly.

And it gets better. With its quick changeover and fully automated setup for multiple fold types, this folder runs 30% faster than its predecessor and produces faster make-readies.  Not quite as fast as Santa’s sleigh, but fast.

The Collator: Standard Horizon Collator

This collating machine shines in its long-run applications; it brings speed and productivity to an all-time high as it gathers print signatures for the next toy in tow: our perfect binder.

The Perfect Binder: Standard Horizon Perfect Binderimage

Delzer is proud to bring perfect binding capabilities to our plant. This new in-house service perfectly binds soft-cover books ranging from 0.04″ to 2.56″ in thickness using a sophisticated polyurethane reactive (PUR) adhesive, which gives books a high-quality appearance and strong framework.  And just like the Mark III Saddle Stitcher, almost any quantity suits this machine.


The Trimmer: Standard Horizon Three-knife Trimmer

This trimmer operates in-line with our perfect binder, as well as off-line and in one-to-one variable applications. All it takes is a barcode to process the job at hand.

The Die Cutter: Standard Horizon Die Cutter

Unlike our cylinder press die cutters, this rotary machine die-cuts and scraps all in one pass, so we are able to get more done for you in less time. Stickers and labels that require both die-cutting and kiss-cutting will also benefit from this new equipment, as it handles both simultaneously.

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