The Supply Chain Marketplace provides marketing opportunities for new customers

New North is leading strategic market or supplier diversification efforts that will work to introduce new market opportunities to resident suppliers, with the objective of expanded market exposure and increased supplier volume. Participation is free and each participating company will receive access to market intelligence, industry diversification strategy, and opportunity for new work through their searchable company profile.

Supply Chain Marketplace is designed to:

  • Highlight company capabilities
  • Be searchable via keywords and categories
  • Be a connecting interface for business-to-business transactions
  • Organize suppliers for new go-to-market opportunities
  • Make locating suppliers as easy as entering a few key strokes

Initiative Background

With the ups and downs of national defense spending, the New North region, State of Wisconsin and local economic development organizations are taking a proactive approach to assist Wisconsin’s sophisticated manufacturing companies in re-engineering product offerings to meet the needs of new, emerging markets. The Oshkosh Region Defense Industry Diversification Initiative (ORDIDI) was awarded via a grant from the Department of Defense-Office of Economic Adjustment to East Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission mobilizing a regional response to minimize impacts to the region’s defense manufacturing base with a goal of creating new jobs and opportunities for suppliers in the region. The Supply Chain Marketplace is one of major components of this initiative, created to assist in making new customer and buyer connections, diversifying into new growth and emerging industry sector markets.

For more information on the overall ORDIDI Initiative, go to:

The Supply Chain Marketplace was developed by New North, Inc.  with funding assistance from the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) and the following Regional Economic Development Organizations: Centergy, Madison Regional Economic Partnership, Milwaukee 7, New North and Prosperity Southwest.

The initial Supply Chain Marketplace was developed via contract w/ East Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission, and financial support from the Office of Economic Adjustment, Department of Defense.